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Return address

Service Dept.
Fritjof-Nansen-Straße 17
83301 Traunreut, Germany

Repair service

Our qualified service technicians repair your defective units quickly and reliably.

After the repair you enjoy a guarantee of function for 12 months not just on the repaired part, but on the entire unit.

Please use the enclosed undefinedrepair form for return shipments.

Our Scope of Services for You

Functional testing

  • Visual inspection
  • Functional test
  • Error analysis
  • Inspection report of the confirmed fault

Functional repair or premium repair


  • Choose between low-cost functional repair and our premium repair (function and optical condition as good as new)

Calculation of your repair costs

  • Information on the maximum repair price (without preliminary inspection)
  • Information on the actual repair price (with preliminary inspection)


  • Testing of functions
  • Error analysis
  • Cleaning
  • Updates and changes
  • Fault repair
  • Final functional test
  • 12 months guarantee of function for the entire unit

Repair report

  • Preparation of a report on the faults found and the measures taken