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IK 5000


3 (XYQ), 3 (XYZ) or 4 (XYZQ)

Encoder inputs*

Input frequency

1 VPP or TTL (other interfaces upon request)

1 VPP: 2 MHz; TTL: 3 MHz

Subdivision factor

Up to 100-fold, selectable via dip switch; default setting: 50-fold (only for 1 VPP)

Display step2)

Adjustable, max. 7 digits

Linear axes XYZ: 1 mm to 0.000 1 mm; angular axis Q: 1° to 0.000 1° (00° 00’ 01”)


By PC screen


  • Measurement of two-dimensional features (2-D)
  • Measurement of three-dimensional features (3-D)1)
  • Point measurement with crosshairs
  • Programming of features and parts
  • Measure Magic: automatic recognition of geometries
  • Graphic display of measurement results
  • Entry of tolerances

Edge finder1)

  • Automatic point measurement via optical edge finder


  • Automatic point measurement via video edge detection
  • Manual autofocus
  • Show live images
  • Archiving and output of live images
  • Zoom and light control, programmable (with the Light/Zoom versions)
  • Video connection for digital USB camera (with the Video versions)
  • Light control over six light sources and zoom control (with the Video and Light/Zoom versions)


  • Automation of measurement tasks
  • Axis control (for XYZQ) for servo and stepper motors
  • Autofocus via stepper-motor control (Z axis)
  • CNC outputs and inputs for joystick

3-D profiling1)

  • Importing of CAD models
  • Probing of tested object and comparison with the CAD model
  • Flexible output of measurement results

Error compensation

  • Linear, and segmented linear over any number of points
  • Squareness calibration
  • Matrix compensation over any number of points

Other connections

  • Foot switch for two functions


Foot switch, fiber-optic cables, holder for fiber-optic cables, amplifier, calibration standard, demo part, distribution cable

PC interface


Operating temperature

0 °C to 55 °C (storage temperature –30 °C to 70 °C)


100 mm x 250 mm

* Please select when ordering 1) See the configuration table for possible combinations

2) Depends on the signal period of the connected encoder as well as the subdivision factor